Booty5 1.8.6b out now – audio fallback, templates, merged caches

Engine Changes:

  • Added new property to Actor called merge_cache which when set to true will attempt to merge the actors rendering into a suitable parents cache. Note that once an actor has been merged into its parent its visual properties cannot be modified
  • Add new property to TheApp called focus_scene2 which sets a 2nd scene as focus, this scene will be used for touch events if the first main focus scene does not respond to them
  • Added support for fallback sound to Sound class via location2
  • Added new min_panning property to Scene. This will prevent panning being marked as true if the movement distance squared is below this value
  • Sound now supports looping via Sound.loop
  • All Xoml parse functions now return the created object
  • New Xoml.findResource() added which searched a Xoml resource collection for the named resource
  • Fixed issue where Actor.current_frame was going out of bounds
  • Fixed polygonActor gradient fill
  • Examples updated
  • New “Create Objects from Template” and “List Menu” demos added

Editor Changes:

  • Added new property to Icon / Label called merge_cache which when set to true will attempt to merge the actors rendering into the a suitable parents cache
  • Scene Current property has been renamed to the more appropriate “Has Focus”
  • Scene has new property called Secondary Focus which sets a 2nd scene as focus, this scene will be used for touch events if the first main focus scene does not respond to them
  • Added new “clone to all scenes” menu action which will clone an Icon / Label to all scenes
  • Added new “delete from all scenes” menu action which will remove all Icons / Labels from all scenes that share the same name as the selected item
  • Added new “copy to scene” menu action which will create a copy of the selected actor and copy it to the selected scene
  • Added new “bring to front” and “send to back” commands to resources tree view
  • Added new resource view text size change buttons which can be used to increase / decrease font size
  • Added new Disable Shadows property to project properties. Setting to true will disable export of all shadows for all actors
  • Added fall back audio file to sound properties, this file will be loaded if original one fails to load
  • Added new loop property to sound which enables audio to be looped
  • CocoonJS added to list of additional API’s (see project properties)
  • Fix: Stopped menu appearing when pressing right mouse button on canvas
  • Fixed bug that generated invalid JSON when exporting label children

more details about these changes can be found at the Booty5 blog

Booty5 the free HTML5 game maker 1.8.3b is out now

Booty5 is a free HTML5 game maker, for more information visit the Booty web site

Been very busy since the last update extending the features of Booty5 to bring more HTML5 specific features into the editor. The editor changes for this release include:

  • Added mouse wheel joint type to list of joint types
  • Added new property called ExportName to Scene, this changes the name of the scene, but not its exported file name
  • Added support for corner radius to rects enabling rounded rects
  • Added support for none filled polygons, arcs, rects and labels
  • Added support for stroke colour and thickness
  • Layers are now exported and used by engine
  • Added support for shadows to all actor types
  • Added support for composite operations
  • Added support for Scene OnKeyPress, OnKeyDown and OnKeyUp events
  • Added new gradient brush type and gradient editor
  • Actors can now render gradient brushes at any angle

Engine changes:

  • Added support for wheel joint
  • Added panning property to Scene to determine when the scene is being touch panned
  • Box2D begin and end contact callbacks now call both objects that were affected
  • Added corner_radius property to rectActor to render rounded rects
  • Added support for stroke colour and thickness to rect, arc, polygon and label actors
  • Added support for scene and actor layer ordering. Set layer via _layer property and not layer variable to ensure that re-sorting takes place
  • Added new shadow properties all actor types (shadow, shadow_x, shadow_y, shadow_colour, shadow_blur)
  • Added support for composite operations to actors
  • Added support for Scene onKeyPress, onKeyDown and onKeyUp events
  • Added new Gradient class that handles gradient brushes
  • Rect, Arc and Polygon actors can now render gradient brushes at any angle, angle is specified by new grad_rotation property
  • Added new demos keys, mouse joint, bitmap animation, shapes and gradients

The idea is with this last crop of changes is to bring in more HTML5 and SVG style specific features such as support for keys, gradient brushes, rounded rects, shadows amd so on. Here are a couple of screen shots showing some of the new features:

Booty5 HTML5 gradient editor
Booty5 HTML5 gradient editor
Booty5 HTML5 shapes example
Booty5 HTML5 shapes example




Booty5 HTML5 Game Maker v1.8.2 out now

Much hammering and tightening has been under way of late, Santa and his helpers have nothing on how many hours have been put into getting 1.8.2b ready for release! 🙂

Ok, enough about Santa, version 1.8.2b of Booty5 the Game Maker for HTML5 developers is now available for download.

Changes for this release include:

  • Added brush background preview to Actor properties panel
  • Added ability to select shapes, actors, images and brushes across all property panels
  • Added shape editor
  • Added shape bitmap tracer and polygon shape mesh optimiser
  • Concave fixtures are now exported as multiple convex fixtures
  • Fixed crash that occurs after dragging an image into scene, deleting it then clicking on its generated brush
  • Fixed issue when saving a project for the first time using the Save button
  • Fixed issue where changing actors geometry was not being updated properly

The most notable change for this release is the addition of a shape editor which enables you to create / edit shapes that can be used for clipping, actor visual representation and physics fixtures.

The shape editor also supports auto tracing of bitmaps to generate optimised meshes, which are exported as sets of convex fixtures for physics.

Another new cool feature is the ability to select many components using a list of selections. For example, you no longer have to type the name of a fixture shape in directly, instead you can select it from a list.

Here are a couple of new screen shots:

Booty5 HTML5 shape editor

Booty5 main HTML5 game editor

Hope you all enjoy the new features and fins them useful. Don’t forget to drop a line into the community forum if you want to leave feedback

Booty5 HTML5 game maker now available for free download

Booty5 HTML5 Game Maker
Booty5 HTML5 Game Maker

Its taken many months of pain staking development and quite possibly a mountain of coffee but it is finally here. Booty5 the 2D HTML5 game editor and engine (a game maker) is now available for download

Booty5 enables you to produce HTML5 based games and apps for mobile and desktop using a WYSIWYG game editor.

Booty5 HTML5 game maker screenshot
Booty5 HTML5 game maker screenshot

HTML 5 Gotchas

On this page I will place all of the gotchas that I come across during my HTML 5 developments.

IndexSizeError: Index or size is negative or greater than the allowed amount

I got this error Firefox and a similar error in Internet Explorer whilst drawing an image to the HTML 5 canvas using drawImage(). The problem turned out to be trying to draw a portion of an image that was outside its bounds. I was drawing what I thought was an 800×600 image, which was actually 798×600 so the source rectangular area that I was drawing was off the edge of the actual image. Doh!

Marmalade Offering FREE licenses

Get Marmalade SDK for FREE

Marmalade the developers of one of the most powerful cross platform mobile and desktop development systems the Marmalade SDK are now offering FREE licenses. Marmalade are committed to ensuring that developers have the tools to deploy to established and emerging platforms first.

What is the Marmalade SDK? The Marmalade SDK is an awesome easy to use cross platform SDK that enables cross platform development for smart phones, tablets and emerging technologies such as smart TV. Marmalade supports unified development and testing across iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry PlayBook / OS 10, Bada, Windows, Mac OS X and soon Tizen.

Marmalade comes in three flavours:

  • Marmalade C++ – Develop and test 2D / 3D apps and games using a mature C++ API that covers everything from 2D / 3D graphics and audio to native UI and unified in-app purchasing
  • Marmalade Quick – Develop and test 2D apps and games using a very easy to use Lua API that covers everything 2D and audio to physics and unified in-app purchasing
  • Web Marmalade = Develop and test HTML based apps and games using a very easy to use JavaScript API

All of the above enable testing right on a Windows or Mac desktop, with easy device deployment.

Marmalade 6.0 is out NOW!

**** IwGame does not compile with Marmalade 6.0. To fix please comment out the following line at the top of IwGameImage.cpp for now. We will release an early update this week to fix it ****

//#include “pngstruct.h”

Ok, its not often I look in my email box and find good news, but today I saw an email from Marmalade announcing Marmalade 6.0. I took a quick look over the changes list and the new features and it looks pretty awesome. I’m a little disappointed that there’s no native web deployment, but there’s plenty of other cool features to be playing with including:

  • Web Marmalade – You can now develop apps with HTML5 / CSS3 and Javascript. Marmalade have used the same standard as Phone Gap to make it compatible (smart move IMO). This is pretty awesome in itself, but to be honest I’m waiting for the full native bridge exposure and documentation. You wont be making any real time smooth arcade style games with 6.0 but its great for apps and none arcade style game development. Either way I’m going to be getting my hands dirty with Javascript (the most lawless language on Earth :))
  • iPad retina support
  • New native UI enhancements including Toolbar, Table, Picket / Listbox , Tab / Tap Group, Activity indicator and Navigation bar
  • New Mac anehancements such as support accelerometer and location in the simulator
  • And a mass of bug fixes, including the notorious Facebook extension which has been upgraded to the latest on  Facebook SDK for iOS. Also native support for JPEG images

To see the full list of changes check out Marmalades web site at