Facebook now host Games up to 500MB!

I’m usually so busy that I miss cool stuff sometimes, anyway, I’ve discovered today that Facebook will now host WebGL (including Unity) and HTML5 game content for you for free. So gone are the days of having to host your own and get a SSL certificate etc.. There are some… Read more“Facebook now host Games up to 500MB!”

cOnnecticOns for iOS now FREE!

Hey everyone, we decided to make cOnnecticOns FREE for a few days to increase its visibility and hence visibility of the IwGame Engine. If you haven’t already downloaded it then please take a look at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/connecticons/id505645452?mt=8 Please consider leaving us a nice review, it only takes 2 mins!

Android Apps – The Hard Sell? – Comparison of Android App Stores Included

Thinking of developing for Android? Test the waters first! Comparison of Android App Stores included with actual live sales figures