IwGameAds SDK

IwGameAds SDK- Free Open Source Unified Cross Platform Mobile Ad Engine for Smartphone and Tablet Games and Apps

Update: IwGameAds has been updated to use the very latest Marmalade SDK as well as additional features such as user agent detection for iOS and Android, which should improve ad delivery. It is now also available under the MIT license, To get the latest you should now download it from Github

Welcome to the home of IwGameAds, the free open source cross platform mobile ads collection, display and processing engine for smart phones, tablets and emerging technologies developed by Pocketeers Limited. IwGameAds is designed and written on top of the Marmalade SDK the ultimate  cross platform SDK for smart phones tablets and emerging technologies. In order to use the IwGameAds SDK you will need to download and install the Marmalade SDK.

IwGameAds supports ads for the following platforms:

  • iPhone, iPod and iPad
  • Android phones and tablets (1.5+ including Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Samsung Bada 1.0 / 2.0
  • Blackberry BBX (Playbook)
  • Symbian
  • WebOS
  • Windows Mobile
  • Mobile Linux
  • LG-TV
  • Windows Desktop
  • Mac OSX

IwGame is an open source project and is free to use at your own discretion / risk. You do not need to submit bug fixes or improvements, but we would be very happy if you did.

IwGameAd SDK Features include:

  • Native and cross platform
  • Free and open source
  • Fully documented
  • Support for multiple platforms (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Bada, BBX, Symbian, Windows Mobile, mobile Linux, LG-TV, Windows and Mac OS)
  • Asynchronously request text, image and html based ads from a variety of ad providers
  • Automatic extraction of ad data, such as image url, click url and text
  • Provision for targetted ads by age, gender, location etc..
  • Integrated ads view that can display animating ads to the user as well as detect clicks and launch the external URL / app that deals with the click destination
  • Cache and display multiple ads from multiple providers
  • Eye catching animating ads system that is currently generating 3%-8% CTR
  • Ad mediation using the priority based IwGameAdsMediator class
  • Very simple to install, set-up and use

The latest IwGameAds SDK build is located here
The latest IwGameAds SDK documentation is located here

Currently supported ad providers include:

  • Inner-active
  • AdFonic
  • Vserv – Also provides support for InMobi, BuzzCity, JumpTap, ZestAdz / Komli Mobile and Inner-active
  • Mojiva
  • Millennial Media – Also provides support for AdMob, Amobee, JumpTap and Mojiva
  • AdModa

We aim to add more ad providers to the mix in the near future. If you represent an ad network / provider and you would like to be included in our unified ad API then please get in touch.

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