Mooniz Needs a Developer (work from home)

The publisher of Mooniz is currently looking for a capable Marmalade SDK developer to convert their Marmalade iOS title to Marmalade for Android, with the possibility of future work for porting to Windows Phone 8 (Marmalade). If you are interested then either contact them< directly/a> or drop a post on this thread.

Chain Word – For Playbook & BB10

New made with Marmalade and IwGame Engine game now available for PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 OS devices. In the developers own words:

“Well, after only 3 weeks work my latest game – Chain Word – has been approved for sale on the BlackBerry app store.

It was written using IwGame 0.4 for Marmalade, and I’ve been very impressed with the API. Today I have added support for Scoreloop leaderboards, and will be adding Challenges soon (not uploaded yet though). I may also produce a free version with adverts / IAP.

A simple word game – how long a chain can you make?

- Start with a 3 or 4 letter word
- Add, Remove, Change or Swap letters to make a new word
- Repeat!

Link to AppWorld Page

If anyone wants to know how I achieved anything, please let me know and I will post the relevant codes. I also have this crazy thought running round the back of my head about open-sourcing the thing, but I’ve modified the IwGame engine slightly so I’m not sure how that would work…”

Congratulations to SyGem Limited on an excellent product well done.

Marmalade 6.2 is here

Marmalade 6.2 is finally here, changes include:

- BlackBerry QNX: added new BlackBerry platform – BlackBerry 10.
changed deploy options prefixes from “playbook-” to
Changed deploy setting from “playbook-access-shared” to
Differentiate deploy setting “playbook-icon” to
“blackberry-playbook-icon” and “blackberry-phone-icon”
(i.e. BlackBerry 10 too).

- BlackBerry QNX: Fixed bug where S3E_DEVICE_OS_VERSION was returning a line
feed and extra numbers after the version string.

- iOS: iOS launch image is used to display splash screen unless SplashScreenFile
setting is specified in app.icf

- BlackBerry QNX: Added extension s3eBBAppWorldBilling to provide developer
access to the In App Purchase functionality within the
BlackBerry App World.

- s3eAccelerometer example: stop drawing lines outside of application’s surface.

- iOS: S3E Surface and IwGX switched to native device orientation handling mechanism

- iOS: Libraries and Frameworks for EDK were updated to iOS 6.0

- Bada: Bada platforms were deprecated

- iOS: Added iPhone5 support (4-inch Retina)

- iOS: iOS loader was updated to ARMv7

- BlackBerry QNX: Removed dependencies on BlackBerry NDK and improved setup
and signing processes. The BlackBerry tools are now fully
integrated into Marmalade so you don’t need to install the
BB10 or PlayBook NDKs. Singing is now fully supported by the
Deployment tool. Documentation updated.

- BlackBerry QNX: Fixed issues with malformed packages when signing builds.

- Added GL_OES_matrix_palette support for iOS.

- Added possibility to get process ID using s3eDeviceGetInt

- mkb: default arm-fpu value is detected according to arm-cpu.

- mkb: default arm-cpu is set to 5TE.

- Blackberry QNX : Use ICF setting WindowSuspendOnFocusLoss to control
whether to suspend the application when it loses focus

- Android: Fix IME Extension crash when calling buffer and compiler errors

- s3eIOSGameCenter: Fixed TimeScope manipulation.

- Fixed missing UIDeviceFamily key,value pair in Info.plist for iPhone-only builds.

- Fixed PVRVFRAME in Windows registry to be turned off by default.

What does it mean? For starters we can now target BlackBerry OS 10 devices and the buggy signing process has finally been fixed, opening up another app market with great potential.

Its sad to see that Bada support has gone, but then again Bada are deprecating the Bada OS anyway so not love lost there.

Support for iPhone 5 4-inch retina and iOS 6 for the EDK so you access those new juicy iOS 6 features.