Mooniz Needs a Developer (work from home)

The publisher of Mooniz is currently looking for a capable Marmalade SDK developer to convert their Marmalade iOS title to Marmalade for Android, with the possibility of future work for porting to Windows Phone 8 (Marmalade). If you are interested then either contact them< directly/a> or drop a post on… Read more“Mooniz Needs a Developer (work from home)”

Chain Word – For Playbook & BB10

New made with Marmalade and IwGame Engine game now available for PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 OS devices. In the developers own words: “Well, after only 3 weeks work my latest game – Chain Word – has been approved for sale on the BlackBerry app store. It was written using IwGame… Read more“Chain Word – For Playbook & BB10”

Marmalade 6.2 is here

Marmalade 6.2 is finally here, changes include: – BlackBerry QNX: added new BlackBerry platform – BlackBerry 10. changed deploy options prefixes from “playbook-” to “blackberry-“. Changed deploy setting from “playbook-access-shared” to “blackberry-permissions-access-share”. Differentiate deploy setting “playbook-icon” to “blackberry-playbook-icon” and “blackberry-phone-icon” (i.e. BlackBerry 10 too). – BlackBerry QNX: Fixed bug where… Read more“Marmalade 6.2 is here”