Getting Unity 3D and node.js talking

I’m working on a Unity 3D game at the moment that needs a global leaderboard system that works across platform and not tied into the likes of Google Play or Game Centre. After taking a look at various technologies including my old favourite .NET (specifically thew newish .NET Core) I… Read more“Getting Unity 3D and node.js talking”

Finally Game / App Editor Started

Note to self, update my blog more often. These days my blog seems to have turned into an AppEasy update feed, well I want to change that and start blogging about other things (besides AppEasy). Well, this blog post is not completely devoid of AppEasy news as the game editor… Read more“Finally Game / App Editor Started”

Marmalade SDK Tutorial – Integrating LUA Script Language

This tutorial is part of the Marmalade SDK tutorials collection. To see the tutorials index click here Its been a while since I wrote a Marmalade SDk tutorial and to be honest I’ve been itching for the chance to start them back up, so I freed up a little time today… Read more“Marmalade SDK Tutorial – Integrating LUA Script Language”

cOnnecticOns is now available on the Android Market!

Hey everyone, some good news. We finally got the first version of the first IwGame Engine game  cOnnecticOns up on the Android Market at Playbook, Bada and iOS builds will be available within the next few weeks. And the even better news is that we are on schedule for… Read more“cOnnecticOns is now available on the Android Market!”

IwGame Engine v0.3 Released – The 36 hour game

New here? What’s IwGame? IwGame is an open source free to use cross platform game engine for iPhone, iPad, Android, Bada, Playbook, Symbian, Windows Mobile, LG-TV, Windows and Mac, built on top of the Marmalade SDK. You can find out more and download the SDK from our IwGame Engine page. Well, Dan… Read more“IwGame Engine v0.3 Released – The 36 hour game”