Goji Editor the game IDE update

Just a quick heads up on the direction of the Goji Editor. With the news of a free Marmalade SDK license becoming available, I am going to rework Goji to integrate much more tightly with the Marmalade SDK. This will include features such as:

  • Integration into the Marmalade build and deployment system, enabling deployment to all Marmalade supported platforms
  • Test / debug using the more capable Marmalade simulator
  • Development using C++ as well as Lua and XOML
  • Deployment to device from the editor
  • In depth publishing options which enable you to set up all of the different Marmalade deployment options more easily
  • Marmalade code snippets / help / tutorials to aid development
  • Code samples / tutorials section
  • EDK builder to assist in the creation of Marmalade extensions

Other game development systems such as Corona and Gideros will still be supported for now. If you strongly want to keep support for Corona / Gideros then let me know

Made with Goji Editor games Shuffle Match and Shuffle Match for Kids now on iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry

Pocketeers has announced the release of two of its new memory game titles aimed at adults and children, Shuffle Match and Shuffle Match for Kids. Both titles were created using the Goji Editor game IDE and the AppEasy cross platform game engine.

Shuffle Match is a fun endless challenge memory game that starts out with an easy two grid and progresses up to a ten grid over time, ramping up the difficulty the longer you play, guaranteeing a great memory workout. Features include:

* Endless challenge, go as far as your memory will take you
* Easy and hard play modes
* Track your progress
* Play up to 10 x 10 memory grid in hard mode
* Very colourful graphics
* Great sound track
* NO IAP so no chance of kids running up huge bills

Shuffle Match for Kids is a version of Shuffle match that is optimised for children and has been tested on children of different age groups to optimise grid sizes and round times to ensure that the game does not become too difficult too quickly. 3 game modes are available based on age range, including younger than 6, 7 to 10 year old’s and 11+. Features include:

* Designed for 3 age ranges (6 and younger, 7 to 10 year old’s and 11 and over)
* Very colourful graphics
* Perky sound track
* Your child can track their progress to see how they improve
* NO IAP so no chance of children running up huge bills

Both titles are also available on Android, Blackberry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 phones and tablets.

Shuffle Match and Shuffle Match for Kids were created using the Goji Editor which is a powerful game and app creation IDE that is compatible with AppEasy, Marmalade Quick, Corona and Gideros engines.

Goji Editor 1.4 is now available – Corona support added

The newest shiny version of Goji Editor the game IDE is now available for download, now with support for Corona, Gideros, Marmalade Quick and AppEasy.

Changes include:

  • Export and test support for Corona added
  • New property added called Object that enables you to specify the tag or object type that is exported for Gideros and AppEasy
  • Gideros and Quick now export shapes and geometries as tables
  • Named joints are now exported if a name is specified
  • Added collision events to Gideros export
  • Fixed Gideros “Show” action
  • Fixed SVG import crash
  • Fixed docking issue
  • AppEasy circle shape radius was double what it should have been
  • XOML files with XML extension are now recognised as XOML files when imported
  • Fixed various issues with goji lua engine

More info and tutorials etc can be found at http://www.gojieditor.com/