Marmalade Job Post – Playalla Need Word Game Developer

Hi Everyone, Another job posting has come across my desk recently so here it is. A new start-up called Playalla is seeking a  C/C++ Marmalade SDK developer for a short term contract (around 3 months) to help them finish their word games. Playalla already have a prototype of their game… Read more“Marmalade Job Post – Playalla Need Word Game Developer”

Marmalade Job Post – BeInToo Need A Developer

Hi Everyone. The guys over at that developed the awesome BeInToo gamification and rewarding technology are looking for a capable Marmalade SDK developer that can use the EDK to bring their SDK over to Marmalade. If you know your way around the EDK and know enough about the Android / iPhone SDK’s… Read more“Marmalade Job Post – BeInToo Need A Developer”

Puzzle Friends FREE for iOS Just Released

IwGame powered Puzzle Friends has just been released on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This product shows many of the latest IwGame features running in a commercial product on iOS, including in-app purchasing, Facebook posting and dynamic content. It also includes Scoreloop leaderboards which will be integrated into IwGame soon… Read more“Puzzle Friends FREE for iOS Just Released”

IwGame Engine Update – XML Schema for XOML Now Available

Ok, so we’ve heard back from a few of you and its apparent that XOML can be a little difficult to work with especially as it had no intellisense to help create well formed XOML. In the interests of making XOML much easier to write we have created an XML… Read more“IwGame Engine Update – XML Schema for XOML Now Available”

IwGame Engine v0.34 Released – Modifiers, Box2D Joints and Marmalade 6.0 fix

New here? What’s IwGame? IwGame is an open source free to use cross platform game engine for iPhone, iPad, Android, Bada, Playbook, Symbian, Windows Mobile, LG-TV, Windows and Mac, built on top of the Marmalade SDK. You can find out more and download the SDK from our IwGame Engine page…. Read more“IwGame Engine v0.34 Released – Modifiers, Box2D Joints and Marmalade 6.0 fix”

Marmalade 6.0 is out NOW!

**** IwGame does not compile with Marmalade 6.0. To fix please comment out the following line at the top of IwGameImage.cpp for now. We will release an early update this week to fix it **** //#include “pngstruct.h” Ok, its not often I look in my email box and find good… Read more“Marmalade 6.0 is out NOW!”

IwGame – We Need Your Feedback

Hi Everyone, The IwGame Engine has been in development for around 6 months now and although we’ve received lots of feedback regarding bug reports and feature requests we would like to know your opinions on the current state of the engine. Here are a few questions to consider: Is IwGame… Read more“IwGame – We Need Your Feedback”

IwGame Engine Tutorial – Actors

CIwGameActor Object – Sprites With Brains Introduction Whilst our title comparison suggests that actors are simply sprites with brains they have the potential to be much more. Going back to comparison in the scene introduction section, actors play a pivotal role in our scenes, each actor having its own unique… Read more“IwGame Engine Tutorial – Actors”

IwGame Engine Tutorial – Scenes

CIwGameScene Object – A Place for Actors to Play Introduction Its easier to think about game development if we think in terms of the movie business, we all watch movies and programmes on the TV which makes it easy to relate to. A movie usually consists of a number of… Read more“IwGame Engine Tutorial – Scenes”