From time to time I have minuscule flashes of creative inspiration and decide to write a poem or something else artistic. By some quirky but spooky law of quantum mechanics, these rare flashes of inspiration appear right here on this page.

I Will Remember You

This is poem I wrote for my late father, one of the most wonderful, funny and caring men to walk this beautiful green Earth

As the seasons change and the leaves fall away I will remember you
As the mists of time settle and the dust covers the earth I will remember you
As I grow old and forget many things I will remember you
As the music fades and the curtains close I will remember you
As the light turns to darkness I will still remember you
As heaven approaches I will meet you once again
And on that day, you will know that I never forgot you
I miss you my dear dad

Long time love lost
Like twin suns we have lived, loved, our gravity pulling and pushing through the best and worst of moments, taken on the forever elusive odds and almost ridden high beyond and out of reach, but in the end the universe demands her inescapable restitution. We flew so far and high together sharing our most intimate moments and memories, we have borne five of the most beautiful precious stars that will forever bring us infinite joy and happiness, they will be our legacy. I have loved you for a million years, but the cosmic winds have blown through weathered ways and taken you away to a place far from me. One day we will meet again, when time has stopped and everything begins again. For now, farewell my love, I will see you again in the basking beauty of eternity where time wraps around itself to rebirth all that once was.