Mobile Game & App Publishers

Sometimes going it alone in the app and games marketing field can seem a little overwhelming and it is in fact very overwhelming. You could quite easily spend more time or money on marketing your game or app than you spent on making it. There are a number of publishers out there that may be interested in publishing your game or app for you, taking care of the marketing side on your behalf. Be prepared to put up with changes however, changes that will make you feel like you no longer own your own product and you likely won’t. If you can get a publisher interested in your product then they will likely put up a substantial amount of money to market it, probably more than you spent on developing it. They will probably also insist that you make changes to the product and possibly port it to other platforms. On top of that they will also demand a lions share of any revenues. All that said, the biggest advantage of a large publisher publishing your app or game is that they will sell many more copies than you could possibly hope to.

I have listed below a number of mobile game publishers that you may want to consider approaching:

A word of warning, before you sign on the dotted line with a publisher, make sure that you have had a professional look over the contract and explain to you in real terms exactly what you are giving away and getting in return.