Goji Editor 1.4 is now available – Corona support added

The newest shiny version of Goji Editor the game IDE is now available for download, now with support for Corona, Gideros, Marmalade Quick and AppEasy.

Changes include:

  • Export and test support for Corona added
  • New property added called Object that enables you to specify the tag or object type that is exported for Gideros and AppEasy
  • Gideros and Quick now export shapes and geometries as tables
  • Named joints are now exported if a name is specified
  • Added collision events to Gideros export
  • Fixed Gideros “Show” action
  • Fixed SVG import crash
  • Fixed docking issue
  • AppEasy circle shape radius was double what it should have been
  • XOML files with XML extension are now recognised as XOML files when imported
  • Fixed various issues with goji lua engine

More info and tutorials etc can be found at http://www.gojieditor.com/

IwGameAds has been updated

IwGameAds the open source cross platform ad mediation system for Marmalade SDK users has been updated to use the very latest Marmalade SDK as well as additional features such as user agent detection for iOS and Android, which should improve ad delivery. It is now also available under the MIT license, To get the latest you should now download it from Github

Goji Editor v1.3 is out with support for Gideros

Gideros export and testing support has been added to the Goji game IDE. Features include:

  • Create and organise game levels / maps and app layouts into scenes and actors
  • Complete game and app creators integrated development environment (IDE)/li>
  • Export to many different game and app engine / programming language formats, including AppEasy / IwGame Engine, Marmalade Quick and Gideros/li>
  • Export in multi-resolution friendly format, allowing exported data to be used on any sized display/li>
  • Assisted layout editing, including tools to enable easy layout / layout management, bookmarking, edge / vertex snapping, directional cloning and so on/li>
  • Full drag and drop support, drop entire folders of resources onto Goji and Goji automatically sorts them all for you/li>
  • Support for import of SVG, Texture Packer, audio and other formats/li>
  • Support for physics including shapes, fixtures, joints and the ability to test physics/li>
  • Support for Meshes via Geometries/li>
  • Definition of gaming logic and play using events and actions lists/li>
  • Support for Lua / Javascript and other language editing, includes syntax highlighting, code folding and search / replace/li>
  • Interactive play mode that launches the game using the built in engine or other engines, also shows coloured debug output/li>
  • Goji engine which extends Gideros adding functionality such as depth sprites for parallaxing, touch panning, camera follow target, draggable sprites etc../li>
  • Create complete working / runnable projects/li>
  • Support for user properties and whole bunch of other stuff/li>

More info and tutorials etc can be found at http://www.gojieditor.com/