IGX SDK for mobile is now available

Web to mobile Today I pushed the latest version of the IGX SDK to Github which provides support for deploying IGX SDK compatible games, including Facebook Instant Games and general web games to Android and iOS. Games are hosted in a web view within Unity 3D. A new library has… Read more“IGX SDK for mobile is now available”

Thinking of Making an Indie Game?

So, I’ve been making Indie games for years, with very little success, usually because I write obscure little games that don’t usually see much action. So I decided to write something that many gamers do love, an Idle Upgrade Cookie Clicker. I decided to go with the same format as… Read more“Thinking of Making an Indie Game?”

Big List of Popular Flash, HTML5 and Unity 3D Web Gaming Portals

Big list of web game portals / sites that accept games mainly from Flash, HTML5 and Unity 3D developers: Facebook Alexa rank 3 Y8 Alexa rank 761 Kongregate Alexa rank 1375 Miniclip Alexa rank 1750 Kizi Alexa rank 1816 Newgrounds Alexa rank 2624 Poki Alexa rank 2985 itch.io Alexa rank… Read more“Big List of Popular Flash, HTML5 and Unity 3D Web Gaming Portals”

Upgrading from Unity 5.4 to 5.6

Recently had the need to upgrade a couple of projects from Unity 5.4 to 5.6 and after much trial and error and scouring the net for solutions I finally managed it. My project uses two plugins which do not play well with Unity 5.6, these include: TextMeshPro – Do not… Read more“Upgrading from Unity 5.4 to 5.6”

Facebook now host Games up to 500MB!

I’m usually so busy that I miss cool stuff sometimes, anyway, I’ve discovered today that Facebook will now host WebGL (including Unity) and HTML5 game content for you for free. So gone are the days of having to host your own and get a SSL certificate etc.. There are some… Read more“Facebook now host Games up to 500MB!”