Goji Editor the game IDE update

Just a quick heads up on the direction of the Goji Editor. With the news of a free Marmalade SDK license becoming available, I am going to rework Goji to integrate much more tightly with the Marmalade SDK. This will include features such as:

  • Integration into the Marmalade build and deployment system, enabling deployment to all Marmalade supported platforms
  • Test / debug using the more capable Marmalade simulator
  • Development using C++ as well as Lua and XOML
  • Deployment to device from the editor
  • In depth publishing options which enable you to set up all of the different Marmalade deployment options more easily
  • Marmalade code snippets / help / tutorials to aid development
  • Code samples / tutorials section
  • EDK builder to assist in the creation of Marmalade extensions

Other game development systems such as Corona and Gideros will still be supported for now. If you strongly want to keep support for Corona / Gideros then let me know

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