Booty5 the free open source HTML5 game engine has big update

That’s right, I’ve been busy coding away like a mad man to bring you a huge update to Booty5 the free open source HTML5 game engine which is available for download on Github.

Changes include:

v1.2 Changes:
* GSAP dependency removed
* JQuery dependency removed
* Support for actor hierarchies added
* Support for physics joints added to actors
* Opacity for actors and scenes added
* Actors now support 3D depth property
* Actors now have support for onCreate and onDestroy event handlers
* Actors now support box, circle and polygon shaped fixtures
* Fixtures can now be marked as sensors
* Actors and Scenes can now clip their children against box, circle and polygon clipping shapes
* Actors and Scenes now have separate active and visible states
* Actors now have a simple physics system that is used on Actors that are not under control of Box2D
* Actors can be docked to the edged of the display as well as to the edges of canvas actors
* Actors can now ignore scene camera movement
* Actors now support onCollisionStart and onCollisionEnd events
* Child actors can now bubble events up to parents
* Scene camera can track actors
* Scenes now support touch panning
* New actor types added:
* ArcActor – Displays arcs / circles
* CanvasActor – A UI actor that can arrange, scroll around and dock its content
* ParticleActor – An actor that is a particle system
* Polygon Actor – An actor that displays polygon shapes
* RedctActor – An actor that displays rectangle shapes
* Support for timeline key frame based tween animations added
* Support for various types of resources added on a global or scene local level, including:
* Shapes – Used by clipping and physics systems
* Geometries – Used by rendering system to render geometries
* Brushes – Used to create sprite atlases / bitmap animation
* Sounds – used to play back audio
* Materials – Used to define physics materials
* Full support for the Goji Editor added, including XOML loader

I’ve also started documenting the engine and API at

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