Booty5 – Free HTML5 Game Engine

I’ve finally branched out into HTML5 game development, I’ve been avoiding it for years but finally took the plunge. Funnily enough my first creation with HTML5 is the Free Games Bandit, a service to help game developers get their mobile games noticed. I found myself actually enjoying working with JavaScript, CSS and HTML5. I’ve changed my whole mindset regarding HTML5, where I once saw it as a tool for creating gimmicky web site widgets I now see it as a valid way to make games and proper slick interactive web sites.

With the previous paragraph in mind I have begun the long journey of creating an HTML5 game engine, which I have randomly named Booty5 and is hosted on Github. I’ve already made some headway putting together the basics of scene / actor management, support for sprite atlases / sprite animation, Box2D physics and animation via GSAP etc..

My plans for the engine in the future are to support a majority of features from the AppEasy Core SDK. I am also in the process of extending the Goji Editor to enable support for building, testing and deployment of HTML5 games.

You can find out more about the free game engine here

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