Space Duck Hunting – Made with IwGame

We are very pleased to announce that “One Man Army” have just released their latest game “Space Duck Hunting” for Android using our very own IwGame Engine.

Here’s a little info about the game:

Game with great combination of action & logic. Kill space ducks, earn bucks, and buy specific combinations of temporary gun modes to smash ducks special formation.
You will have to spend your bucks wisely, buy the appropriate improvements, depending on the situation, otherwise you will not beat the ducks.
Face the dodgy ducks and watch out for their special attack formations, shields and mines which they use. You think ducks aren’t that clever and they’re easy to hunt? Wrong. Once you get all of them you can be really proud of yourself as it’s no small feat. Test your skills on over a dozen various levels, beat amazing records and wreak terror in the duck world. You will get a super effective steering system and an array of accesories for your weapons.
Remember, the ducks will try and outsmart you in a thousand ways, keep your eyes in the back of your head at all times, in every gameboard!
– Hours of great fun
– 16 levels to accomplish
– Great challenge
– 15 achievements to accomplish
– 5 shooting gun modes
– 12 different ducks
– great Boss on the end
– 3 different map types

You can download Space Duck Hunting from Google Play for FREE, so go grab a copy now!

The game will also be available soon on iOS

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