AppEasy Closed Beta is now Closed

Hi Everyone,

AppEasy closed beta is now closed to the general public. We may still consider a few exceptional cases such as those that have games or apps that have been released or are closed to being released that use the IwGame Engine as well as larger developers that may be looking to adopt AppEasy technology.

We’re hoping that beta is finished by the end of September 2012.

If you are interested in investing in Phase 2 of AppEasy (WYSIWYG game and app visual editor) then please get in touch at

Also, apologies to any IwGame engine users that are still awaiting response to questions. We are currently prioritising AppEasy development and support until the end of beta, so IwGame Engine support will be very slow until after that point.



2 thoughts on “AppEasy Closed Beta is now Closed

  1. dominik says:

    IwGame will be still developed, right?

  2. drmop says:

    Yes, AppEasy is built on IwGame so it will be further developed. We just cannot provide proper support for both at the moment.

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