New Marmalade SDK FAQ

I trawl the Marmalade SDK forums from time to time and I see many questions that come up from time to time. In an attempt to answer those questions and cut down Marmalade forum traffic I have started a Marmalade SDK FAQ that should hopefully help fellow Marmalade developers find answers to commonly asked questions without having to wait for forum responders or search high and low through the SDK documentation / web.

The new FAQ is located at

It is also available in a more compact and readable PDF format from

2 thoughts on “New Marmalade SDK FAQ

  1. jorasso says:

    I see lack of WebMarmalade category. So I have a proposal for first question to init this;)
    Is WebMarmalade available for iOS and Android only? If so, will it be changed in future and other platforms supported by Marmalade will be also available for WebMarmalade?

  2. drmop says:

    Web Marmalade is only available for iOS and Android at the moment. Not sure if this will change in the future but I hope so.

    My experience with Web Marmalade is limited, but I will try to cover as much info as I can gather

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