5 thoughts on “POLL – Where to next for the IwGame Engine?

  1. drmop says:

    Looks like more game features is coming out on top. I’m kind of torn between deciding on more game features or the editor. The editor has already been started, but its a lengthy project (around 2-3 months)

  2. Jorasso says:

    Maybe firstly list the game features you (people voting for this) have in mind. Maybe someone already do some of them earlier and would like to help with them. I think it could be one of those things which could be made with community support.

    What do you think?

  3. jorasso says:

    Matt, I have also small question about scripting language. You mentioned earlier that you were thinking about HTML5 version of IwGame Engine. And I wonder if it would be possible to use as scripting language also JS for Marmalade version? Then I could write my code in JS and decide if I want to have it as HTML5 web application, or use it as scripting language binded to Marmalade functions. I believe it could be possible because guys from Cocos2d-x did recently something similar. I looked into GitHub of this and read README files so tools to export bindings should be done almost fully automatically and should also work with other libraries than Cocos2D-x. I am not sure how it looks with this js virtual machine which they use (SpiderMonkey), if it is only available for iOS and Android.

  4. drmop says:

    Its funny you should mention Javascript as I was thinking about it today as a possible binding. I believe that Marmalade’s HTML 5 implementation may use Spidermionkey as I found a post on a forum where one of the Marmalade team was asking for consultation in regards to SpiderMonkey integration. We are currently considering LUA, AngelScript or Javascript as possible script engines. My favourite so far is AngelScript as it is strongly typed and incredibly close to C++.

    We are waiting on the proper HTML 5 bridge exposure in 6.1 before we look at bindings for HTML 5.

    With regards to game features, here are a few that are planned at some point:

    * Optimised tile / iso / zone map scene engines
    * Platform scene engine
    * Adventure game scene engine (point and click style interaction)
    * Path finding actors
    * Learning actors
    * Game genre specific modifiers and actors
    * Physics object collection (A bunch of different physics objects such as balls, bats, coins, tables etc..)
    * On screen controls (d-pad type controls)
    * Wiring up of actor collision events to the actions system
    * Specific particle systems for explosions, fireworks, rain, snow etc..
    * Specific physics effects generators such as wind, explosions, suction, magnetism etc..
    * Shaders for special effects
    * We also want to extent the Box2D physics system to allow actors to contain more than one fixture

    Basically we want to create stuff that can be bolted together to create games from lots of different genres very easily.

  5. Dan says:

    AngelScript or LUA are great, but I think Javascript is going to be requested by many, it’s a horribly wonderful language to work with, it’s such a mess… very flexible, IMHO too flexible… specially for people with a strong C++ background, but it has become a standard scripting language for HTML5 apps. For instance Cocos2d-X used LUA but they are now by popular demand binding to JS… It would be nice to have both though 🙂

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