Marmalade SDK 6.0.2 Released

Marmalade have just released 6.0.2 of their awesome SDK. Looking at the change list there are some very welcome bug fixes:

  • Exporters: Added support for Maya 2013 and Max 2012
  • iOS: touches are no longer passed to the surface below the web view
  • iOS: s3eOSReadString now handles split keyboards correctly
  • iOS: added s3eEdkAppGetInitialOpenURL to get the initial open URL
  • android: fixed icf splash screens when fixing rotation
  • playbook: s3eOSReadString now cancels properly
  • IwHTTP: fixed to work without threads
  • Added menu options to Windows simulator for Retina display
  • OSX: fixed to make building extensions possible
  • Android splash fixed when using dispfixrot=2
  • android: building of EDK modules
  • ios: WebView orientation (IwGX and s3eWebView) on iPad
  • android: fixed crash with image property in CImagePtr when loading a png file

There is however a crash issue with Bada builds

2 thoughts on “Marmalade SDK 6.0.2 Released

  1. Jorasso says:

    Hi Mat,
    I see you’ve tweeted about AppCode from JetBrains? Are you using it with Marmalade on Mac?

  2. drmop says:

    No, we use Visual Studio on Windows 7, although I’m looking at potentially using WebStorm the Javascript IDE for HTML 5 dev when we start that.

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