cOnnecticOns v2.0 Available on Android – Share those Puzzles

We’ve updated cOnnecticOns for Android (other platform versions are waiting for approval and will be appearing soon). –

New changes include:

  • You can now share puzzles that you create with friends no matter what phone or tablet they have, even none Android phones and tablets
  • Some graphical improvements
  • Additional help screens added
  • Bug fixes

The new level sharing feature is cool. Server side it is completely file based and requires no use of a SQL database. Players can upload up to 20 of their own puzzles to our server where it will be stored for download by other players. All a player has to do is post the short numeric code to Facebook, Twitter, text / email etc and the recipient(s) simply enters the code into the game. The puzzle is then downloaded into the users selected puzzle slot so they can play it.

No complicated sign-up / login process is required as the user is assigned a unique user ID when they first upload a level.

The best feature is that puzzles can be shared across any device be it Android, Playbook, iOS, Bada or even PC / web (when those version become available)

We are considering adding stats in there so players can determine how many times their puzzles have been played, the best scores and how many times users have beaten or failed their puzzles.


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