Marmalade are Having a Christmas Sale!

Whilst I’m not much keen on Marmalade on my toast, it certainly tastes nice when it comes to cross platform game and app development. Not only can I write code in a single language, but I can also deploy to over 10 platforms with ease, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Bada 1.0 / 2.0, Blackberry Playbook, LG-TV, Symbian, Windows Mobile, WebOS, Mobile Linux, Windows and Mac OSX!

The people behind the best cross platform native SDK (that’s the Marmalade SDK for all you inter-galactic new arrivals) are now having a Christmas license sale. All licenses are now 20% off! If you have been toying with the idea of buying a license then I suggest you get it now and save yourself 20% off the usual price, bringing the basic license down to $134 and the pro license down to $399.

Don’t forget you can also get yourself a free license by getting accepted into Marmalade’s apps program or by contributing code to the community.

So go to Marmalade’s web site and grab a license whilst prices are stupidly cheap.

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