Marmalade SDK News – Marmalade SDK v5.1.10 Now Available

Version 5.1.10 of the Marmalade SDK was released by the Marmalade team last night, here are the changes:

– Android: fix application lockup issue on Ice Cream Sandwhich.
– iOS: Fixed image picker extension to support iPad via popovers.
– iOS: Fixed crash when double clicking an edit box in the webview.
– Multiple platforms: Added custom callback for s3eWebView extension.
– Multiple platforms: Added local files loading for s3eWebView extension.
– Android: Fixed s3eVideo to pass on touch events.
– Android: Fixed s3eOSExec to process mailto command properly.
– stdio.h: added implementation of tmpnam and tmpfile
– PlayBook: Fixed issue with gl screen corruption after video played. SysSuspendDuringVideo parameter in the icf file is no longer available, because the only use of this parameter was to workaround screen corruption bug.
– PlayBook: Updated version of underlying blackberry deploy tools.
– LGTV: Allow the –mips mkb option to be used from the command line.
– PlayBook: fix scale of s3eAudio volume controls.

As you can see, some very nice fixes in the mix, especially support for Android 4.0.

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