Bada App and Game Marketing – Playing the Samsung Apps Store for Bada to Boost Sales

Hello fellow Samsung Bada app developers! We know exactly what it’s like to drop a few products onto Samsung Apps store and see them teeter around 5-10 sales per day at $0.99.

We have two products up on the Samsung App Store:

BattleBallz Chaos (a game)
Funky Cam 3D (a camera app)

You may be asking questions such as, how can I breath life into my app / game sales? How do I get my apps and games into Samsung’s top 10? How do I get enough exposure to make my app or game stand out amongst the mass of products already on the Samsung App Store?

The simple answer is to be generous and give it away for free! You may be thinking that I have lost my mind at this point, but I will show you why I haven’t.

Think of giving your app away for free as a temporary promotion tool. You set your app free until users have downloaded the magical number of downloads then you cancel your promotion and put your price back to its original price. This is a guaranteed way of boosting your apps sales and increasing visibility temporarily, shooting your app or game up in the charts.

We have done a fair bit of “price playing” since we launched our products on the Samsung Apps store and it appears that we need to give away around 4000-5000 copies to get into the top 10 over a period of two days. This free promotion will give us a sales boost for around 7-10 days, where we will be selling 5-10x as many products at $1.99.

When to make your product free on Samsung Apps? We saw our greatest downloads on a Monday (triple the number of downloads on any other day). Just be hopeful that products such as Angry Birds or Cut the Rope aren’t on promotion at the same time 🙂

The great thing about a free promotion is that the Samsung Bada press will usually pick up on it and advertise your product as going free on their web sites, which is added exposure.

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