Marmalade SDK news – Marmalade 5.1.8 now available for download

Down with the dreaded flu right now so just a few quick blogs for now.

I find it amazing and cool just at how often Marmalade update their SDK. I’m also ultra excited about the impending 5.2 release, lots of cool new stuff due including native UI. I’m hoping to see a flood of Android, iPhone, Bada and even Playbook and iPad application developers when 5.2 hits.

Ok, Marmalade SDK 5.1.8 changes include:

  • Blackberry PlayBook: Fix for touch events in area of video playback.
  • Blackberry PlayBook: Fix for s3eOSReadString.
  • Blackberry PlayBook: Add new icf setting SysSuspendDuringVideo which can be used to pause the application during video playback. Using this setting it is possible to avoid the screen corruption that can occur on PlayBook after video playback.
  • Blackberry PlayBook: Fix several issues relating to fixed and dynamic screen rotation.
  • Multiple platforms: Added s3eWebViewClearCache function to the s3eWebView extension.
  • Blackberry PlayBook: s3eAccelerometer axis are now correct according to the device orientation.
  • Android: Fix for ZeroConf search only returning first service discovered.
  • Android: Fix to allow adding third party .so libraries to Android packages.

Mainly fixes, but a few additions. I am particularly pleased with the Blackberry Playbook fixes

You can grab Marmalade SDK 5.1.8 from Marmalades download section.

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