Goji Editor v1.3 is out with support for Gideros

Gideros export and testing support has been added to the Goji game IDE. Features include: Create and organise game levels / maps and app layouts into scenes and actors Complete game and app creators integrated development environment (IDE)/li> Export to many different game and app engine / programming language formats,… Read more“Goji Editor v1.3 is out with support for Gideros”

AppEasy Core SDK is now open source!

If I remember correctly I promised a while back that I was going to open up the source to the AppEasy Core SDK. if you don’t know what that is then its a FREE open source cross platform game and app engine for mobiles and desktop that can be re… Read more“AppEasy Core SDK is now open source!”

Goji Game and App Editor beta is now available

The Goji Editor has finally entered beta and is now available for download from www.gojieditor.com. What is the Goji Editor? One of the more difficult processes involved in developing applications and games is how to¬†create and¬†organise the content. By organising content we refer to managing all of the elements that… Read more“Goji Game and App Editor beta is now available”