AppEasy 1.5.4 now available, source encryption, 3D math and dynamic geometry

AppEasy Version 1.5.4 is Now Available

AppEasy the cross platform mobile game and app development system for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows that is aimed at all levels of experience releases latest update

AppEasy version 1.5.4 is now available for download from here.

Please upgrade to the latest version. Note that before updating, close down your current version of AppEasy, rename c:\AppEasy to c:\AppEasy2, install and run AppEasy then copy any changes / certificates from c:\AppEasy2 to c:\AppEasy. Note that if you install the update before renaming c:\AppEasy then simply exit the AppEasy project manager, rename the folder and run AppEasy again.

Changes include:

  • Added encrypt source to AppEasy project manager which will cause all xml and lua assets to be encrypted
  • If actor has geometry assigned and no shape and it is under control of physics then the geometry will be assigned as the shape as long as the geometry is polygon based
  • Added new matrix library to deal with Matrix maths
  • Added actor library functions setVertex(), setRGBA() and setUV() which can be used to modify the actors underlying geometry
  • Added support for decrypting lua and xoml assets, add decrypt tag to appeasy.xml with attribute enable=”true” to enable
  • template.from container can now be nil to create resources in global resource space
  • Fixed docked actors that are scaled
  • Fixed issue in AppEasy where proportional sizing was not taking into account virtual resolution scaling

Source Encryption

You can now protect your Lua and XOMl sources from prying eyes by enabled source encryption from the AppEasy project manager. This will turn your source files into an unreadable format that can only be understood by the AppEasy player.

Dynamic Geometry and Matrices

The most fun addition to this update is the ability to modify the geometry of actors that have a geometry attached. Coupled with the new matrix library you can create some interesting geometry animations as well as 3D projection. Check out Test71 which shows a large 50×50 3D grid of quads.

Updates will be pushed to AppEasy Core SDK on Github soon.

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