Marmalade SDK Tutorials

Welcome to our tutorials and tips archive for Marmalade SDK users. Over the course of these tutorials we will cover many topics from creating a 2D and 3D game to dealing integrating advertising, in-app purchases and access to devices such as the accelerometer, compass, camera and more.

The Marmalade SDK is an awesome easy to use cross platform SDK for smart phone, tablets and emerging technologies such as smart TV. You can find out more about the Marmalade SDK at:

Marmalade SDK Tutorials

Tutorial 1 – Hello Marmalade – Introduction to the Marmalade SDK – The ultimate cross platform SDK for smart phones and tablets

Tutorial 2 – Up and Running in a Jiffy – The Main Game Loop
Tutorial 3 – Loading bitmaps and rendering sprites with Iw2D
Tutorial 4 – Loading bitmaps and rendering sprites with IwGx
Tutorial 5 – Touch and multi-touch
Tutorial 6 – Handling key inputs and the on screen keyboard
Tutorial 7 – Dealing with time and timers
Tutorial 8 – Marmalade’s resource management system
Tutorial 9 – Quick and easy audio and music using s3eAudio and IwSound
Tutorial 10 – Dealing with files and the file system
Tutorial 11 – CIwGameSprite – Creating a robust sprite class
Tutorial 12 – Creating an Extensible Animation System
Tutorial 13 – Actors, Scenes and Cameras Make the World Go Round
Tutorial 14 – Turning IwGame into a Real Game Engine
Tutorial 15 – Sending and Retrieving Data From the Web
Tutorial 16 – Downloading and Using an Image from a Web Based Image File
Tutorial 17 – Integrating the LUA Script Language
Tutorial – Animating actors
Tutorial – Basic collision detection and response
Tutorial – Creating a basic 2D game
Tutorial – Fitting our game to any screen size
Tutorial – XML and why you should love it
Tutorial – Lets be social – Integrating Facebook
Tutorial – Deploying, debugging and app submissions

The above tutorials are subject to change

The following are place holder and will be categorised soon

Tutorial – Useful utilities and IwUtil
Tutorial – Memory management
Tutorial – Detecting gestures, taps and double taps
Tutorial – Integrating physics with Box2D
Tutorial – Textures, materials and polygons
Tutorial – Getting started with 3D
Tutorial – Creating a basic 3D game
Tutorial – Playing with the accelerometer API
Tutorial – Playing with the compass API
Tutorial – Integrating in app purchases
Tutorial – Integrating Admob and iAd Ads
Tutorial – Communicating with web services
Tutorial – Updating content after the fact and streaming data from a server
Tutorial – User interface basics
Tutorial – Cross platform considerations
Tutorial – Playing video
Tutorial – Sending messages via SMS
Tutorial – Multi-threading
Tutorial – Using location
Tutorial – Marmalade SDK and Blackberry Playbook – From Setup and Deployment to App World Submission
Tutorial – Apple iPhone and iPad Deployment and Submissions

Marmalade SDK Bite Sized Tutorials

Bite sized tutorials are basically mini tutorials or bits of information that I wanted to quickly add