Shuffle Match – Made with the Goji Editor

I’ve just released a new game for Android called Shuffle Match that is entirely created with the Goji game editor exported to AppEasy. Its currently available on Google Play and will be available on other stores sooonish, including Apple. I will be releasing the entire project for this game in the near future, so that others can learn from it.

The game was inspired by my youngest daughter, who likes to play matching games.

Heres a few details about the game:

Put your memory through a fun workout that starts with an easy warm up and progresses to a gruelling challenge worthy of any memory master.

  • Endless challenge, go as far as your memory will take you
  • Easy and hard play modes
  • Track your progress
  • Play up to 10 x 10 memory grid in hard mode
  • Very colourful graphics
  • Great sound track
  • NO IAP so no chance of kids running up huge bills
  • Compatible with phone and tablet

Game play is simple and casual, remember the numbers on the left board then shuffle the board and find them on the right board. Earn big bonuses by chaining guesses together. Track your stats from game to game to see how you improve.

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