Booty5 1.8.6b out now – audio fallback, templates, merged caches

Engine Changes: Added new property to Actor called merge_cache which when set to true will attempt to merge the actors rendering into a suitable parents cache. Note that once an actor has been merged into its parent its visual properties cannot be modified Add new property to TheApp called focus_scene2… Read more“Booty5 1.8.6b out now – audio fallback, templates, merged caches”

Booty5 the free HTML5 game maker 1.8.3b is out now

Booty5 is a free HTML5 game maker, for more information visit the Booty web site Been very busy since the last update extending the features of Booty5 to bring more HTML5 specific features into the editor. The editor changes for this release include: Added mouse wheel joint type to list… Read more“Booty5 the free HTML5 game maker 1.8.3b is out now”

Booty5 HTML5 Game Maker v1.8.2 out now

Much hammering and tightening has been under way of late, Santa and his helpers have nothing on how many hours have been put into getting 1.8.2b ready for release! 🙂 Ok, enough about Santa, version 1.8.2b of Booty5 the Game Maker for HTML5 developers is now available for download. Changes… Read more“Booty5 HTML5 Game Maker v1.8.2 out now”

Booty5 HTML5 game maker now available for free download

Its taken many months of pain staking development and quite possibly a mountain of coffee but it is finally here. Booty5 the 2D HTML5 game editor and engine (a game maker) is now available for download Booty5 enables you to produce HTML5 based games and apps for mobile and desktop… Read more“Booty5 HTML5 game maker now available for free download”

Marmalade Offering FREE licenses

Marmalade the developers of one of the most powerful cross platform mobile and desktop development systems the Marmalade SDK are now offering FREE licenses. Marmalade are committed to ensuring that developers have the tools to deploy to established and emerging platforms first. What is the Marmalade SDK? The Marmalade SDK… Read more“Marmalade Offering FREE licenses”

Marmalade 6.0 is out NOW!

**** IwGame does not compile with Marmalade 6.0. To fix please comment out the following line at the top of IwGameImage.cpp for now. We will release an early update this week to fix it **** //#include “pngstruct.h” Ok, its not often I look in my email box and find good… Read more“Marmalade 6.0 is out NOW!”