IwGame Engine v0.32 Released – Data Bindings and Conditional Variables

New here? What’s IwGame? IwGame is an open source free to use cross platform game engine for iPhone, iPad, Android, Bada, Playbook, Symbian, Windows Mobile, LG-TV, Windows and Mac, built on top of the Marmalade SDK. You can find out more and download the SDK from our IwGame Engine page. A lot… Read more“IwGame Engine v0.32 Released – Data Bindings and Conditional Variables”

XOML Conditions – New IwGame Feature Coming Soon

Thought I would put a quick update outlining what’s happening with the IwGame Engine. In-app purchasing has been started, so hopefully that will make it into 0.32. We are looking at a way of combining iOS and Android in-app purchasing into the same system (CIwGameMarket). Will provide more details when… Read more“XOML Conditions – New IwGame Feature Coming Soon”

cOnnecticOns v2.0 Available on Android – Share those Puzzles

We’ve updated cOnnecticOns for Android (other platform versions are waiting for approval and will be appearing soon). – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pocketeers.connecticons New changes include: You can now share puzzles that you create with friends no matter what phone or tablet they have, even none Android phones and tablets Some graphical improvements Additional help… Read more“cOnnecticOns v2.0 Available on Android – Share those Puzzles”

Facebook Posting – Please Help

Hi Everyone, If you have tried posting to Facebook using CIwGameFacebook or using the cOnnecticOns game and had success or trouble can you please let us know. One of our developers is experiencing issues with iPod Touch and Android. Please leave your feedback on our forum if possible at http://www.drmop.com/index.php/topic/facebook-post-not-working-in-ipod-touch/ Thanks… Read more“Facebook Posting – Please Help”

cOnnecticOns for iOS now FREE!

Hey everyone, we decided to make cOnnecticOns FREE for a few days to increase its visibility and hence visibility of the IwGame Engine. If you haven’t already downloaded it then please take a look at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/connecticons/id505645452?mt=8 Please consider leaving us a nice review, it only takes 2 mins!

cOnnecticOns Now Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Great news. cOnnecticOns is now available on the Apple iTunes app store. Woohoo, passed fist time! It’s available for almost a kings ransom ($0.99 in earth money). For those of you that are as bad off as me, here are a few promot codes so you can grab a FREE… Read more“cOnnecticOns Now Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch”