IwGame Engine Tutorial – Actors

CIwGameActor Object – Sprites With Brains Introduction Whilst our title comparison suggests that actors are simply sprites with brains they have the potential to be much more. Going back to comparison in the scene introduction section, actors play a pivotal role in our scenes, each actor having its own unique… Read more“IwGame Engine Tutorial – Actors”

IwGame Engine Tutorial – Scenes

CIwGameScene Object – A Place for Actors to Play Introduction Its easier to think about game development if we think in terms of the movie business, we all watch movies and programmes on the TV which makes it easy to relate to. A movie usually consists of a number of… Read more“IwGame Engine Tutorial – Scenes”

IwGame Engine Tutorial – Basic introduction

What is the IwGame Engine? Welcome to the home of IwGame, the free open source cross platform mobile 2D game engine for smart phones, tablets and emerging technologies developed by Pocketeers Limited. IwGame is designed and written on top of the Marmalade SDK the ultimate  cross platform SDK for smart phones… Read more“IwGame Engine Tutorial – Basic introduction”