Colour Cycle Effect Unity Shader

Just added a new colour cycle effect transparent Unity shader to the free shaders collection. This shader can be used to overlay a y-axis colour cycle effect over a texture The code for the shader is shown below: [sourcecode language=”js”] Shader "Unlit/ColourCycleTexture" { Properties { _MainTex("Color (RGB) Alpha (A)", 2D)… Read more“Colour Cycle Effect Unity Shader”

Creating a Unity leaderboard using node.js and redis

I’ve recently added a new node.js based leaderboard system for Unity to Github. I’m going to use something like this in my next game which will feature global leaderboards as a major focus of the game.You can grab the code from Github. Let start by taking a look at what… Read more“Creating a Unity leaderboard using node.js and redis”

Installing Redis to Windows / Linux

I recently began adding support for a global leaderboard system to my latest Unity game and decided that instead of the huge overhead related to going the RDBMS SQL route that i would have a crack at implementing back-end storage using a NoSQL database instead, which whilst much faster than… Read more“Installing Redis to Windows / Linux”

Getting Unity 3D and node.js talking

I’m working on a Unity 3D game at the moment that needs a global leaderboard system that works across platform and not tied into the likes of Google Play or Game Centre. After taking a look at various technologies including my old favourite .NET (specifically thew newish .NET Core) I… Read more“Getting Unity 3D and node.js talking”