Booty5 v1.3 the free open source HTML5 game engine now available

More happy coding evenings and weekends for me means more juicy features for you. Well, that’s a bit of a fib, the latest version 1.3 is more of a tidy up and documentation phase. I’ve spent a few hours each evening this week putting together the Booty5 introduction and the Booty5 API reference and along the way I ended up tidying up the source code. By the way, did I mention that the minified version of Booty5 without Box2D functionality is only 50k!

v1.3 changes:

  • Added more comments
  • Actor setters now only dirty transform if a change is made
  • Actor.findActorDeep() removed
  • Actor.findActor() has additional parameter that allows recursive searching
  • Actor.sendToBack() added
  • Actor.addFixture() now returns the created fixture
  • Actor.addJoint() now returns the created joint
  • Scenes now active property which can be used to pause processing
  • Scenes will now still be processed when not visible
  • Scene.findActorDeep() removed
  • Scene.findActor() has additional parameter that allows recursive searching
  • Scene.sendToBack() added

I’m hoping to have full support for Booty5 in the up and coming next beta release of the Goji Editor, so watch this space.

Booty5 the free open source HTML5 game engine has big update

That’s right, I’ve been busy coding away like a mad man to bring you a huge update to Booty5 the free open source HTML5 game engine which is available for download on Github.

Changes include:

v1.2 Changes:
* GSAP dependency removed
* JQuery dependency removed
* Support for actor hierarchies added
* Support for physics joints added to actors
* Opacity for actors and scenes added
* Actors now support 3D depth property
* Actors now have support for onCreate and onDestroy event handlers
* Actors now support box, circle and polygon shaped fixtures
* Fixtures can now be marked as sensors
* Actors and Scenes can now clip their children against box, circle and polygon clipping shapes
* Actors and Scenes now have separate active and visible states
* Actors now have a simple physics system that is used on Actors that are not under control of Box2D
* Actors can be docked to the edged of the display as well as to the edges of canvas actors
* Actors can now ignore scene camera movement
* Actors now support onCollisionStart and onCollisionEnd events
* Child actors can now bubble events up to parents
* Scene camera can track actors
* Scenes now support touch panning
* New actor types added:
* ArcActor – Displays arcs / circles
* CanvasActor – A UI actor that can arrange, scroll around and dock its content
* ParticleActor – An actor that is a particle system
* Polygon Actor – An actor that displays polygon shapes
* RedctActor – An actor that displays rectangle shapes
* Support for timeline key frame based tween animations added
* Support for various types of resources added on a global or scene local level, including:
* Shapes – Used by clipping and physics systems
* Geometries – Used by rendering system to render geometries
* Brushes – Used to create sprite atlases / bitmap animation
* Sounds – used to play back audio
* Materials – Used to define physics materials
* Full support for the Goji Editor added, including XOML loader

I’ve also started documenting the engine and API at

Goji game editor for Marmalade 1.7.2b now available

Latest version of the free Marmalade compatible game IDE the Goji Editor is now available for free download

Changes include:

  • Added New Project dialog with support for creating wireframe projects
  • Update to AppEasy Core to work with Marmalade SDK v7.4
  • Fixed export of extra app.icf settings
  • Fixed missing app_id for Facebook extension when deploying device builds