Goji Editor 1.4 is now available – Corona support added

The newest shiny version of Goji Editor the game IDE is now available for download, now with support for Corona, Gideros, Marmalade Quick and AppEasy.

Changes include:

  • Export and test support for Corona added
  • New property added called Object that enables you to specify the tag or object type that is exported for Gideros and AppEasy
  • Gideros and Quick now export shapes and geometries as tables
  • Named joints are now exported if a name is specified
  • Added collision events to Gideros export
  • Fixed Gideros “Show” action
  • Fixed SVG import crash
  • Fixed docking issue
  • AppEasy circle shape radius was double what it should have been
  • XOML files with XML extension are now recognised as XOML files when imported
  • Fixed various issues with goji lua engine

More info and tutorials etc can be found at http://www.gojieditor.com/

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