Booty5 v1.8.4b the free HTML5 game maker out now, support for the Marmalade SDK added

I realise that two updates inside of a week is a bit much but I wanted to get this update out quickly because I have changed the way gradients are used by game objects substantially, I’ve also added project generation for the Marmalade SDK using Web Marmalade. Web Marmalade is a system that enables you to package your HTML5 games / apps into a native app for a variety of different mobile phones and tablets, allowing you to submit them to the app stores. Web Marmalade also provides access to native device specific features. To export a Marmalade compatible project simply go to the Project Settings, select the Marmalade tab and tick the “Export MKB” option then either run or test the project. This will generate a project in the marmalade sub folder inside your project folder. You can import this file into the Marmalade Hub and then deploy your HTML5 game as a native app to a device or run in the simulator to test.

Changes for this release include:

  • Replaced gradient angle with gradient start / end vectors
  • Labels can now use gradients
  • New Marmalade properties section added to project properties which enables a Marmalade SDK compatible web application to be exported

Changes to the editor include:

  • Added support for gradients to unfilled shapes
  • Removed gradient angle property and replaced with gradient start and gradient end points
  • Added support for text gradients
  • Moved gradient style creation out of Xoml class and into Gradient class

You can download Booty5 for free from the Booty5 web site