POLL: Which Platforms would you like to see IwGame Support?

Hi Everyone,

We are looking to propagate the IwGame engine beyond the platforms currently supported by the Marmalade SDK and as such we are considering porting IwGame to a number of other platforms in the near future. Which platforms would you like to see support for the most (you can select up to 3):

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When we begin porting, some things will unfortunately change as we would need to abstract all Marmalade specific functionality away from the engine to enable easier porting. Mostly this will involve hardware specific functionality and replacement of things such as resource groups. We will however do our best to minimise the disruptions.

Porting will begin when we reach around v0.50, so hopefully in a few months time.

If you are interested in porting IwGame to a different platform then please let us know.

Thanks for voting!

5 thoughts on “POLL: Which Platforms would you like to see IwGame Support?

  1. Roman says:

    I would vote for Flash support. The only reason why I am not sure to use Marmalade is lack of flash target. So I consider haXe NME also, which supports the most important natve platforms, flash and HTML. Even better idea would be to add support for haXe NME (haxenme.org), but I am not sure what are your relations with Marmalade, if it won’t be business conflict to support other, open source cross platform solution.

    Flash games are very easy to monetize and are probably best option for beginners in gaming industry. Plenty of new flash games are sold every month on flashgamelicense.com and I see that community is more and more interested in mobile too. Definately great way to increase IwGame popularity.

    For now I am voting for HTML5.

  2. pugmartin says:

    Imagine being one of the people responsible for making the Pi a viable game development platform to the masses. Need I say more? 🙂

    I think the Pi will be successful on its own, but imagine a one-stop shop such as IwGame being available… No hours of potentially head-banging frustration trying to implement confusing code and trying to get different libraries to play together. Simply use IwGame and have it at your fingertips.

    It could mean the difference between a novice turning their back on first time tinkering (forever thinking it wasnt for them), and being able to follow a few examples and understanding *just* enough to get that first spark (remember that feeling when you first started to *get* what you were typing, and seeing some little man run around the screen – that first breakthrough changes your life!) and deciding… ‘You know what, I’m going to stick at this…’

  3. Phillip says:

    I’d like to see the current platform finished first! Don’t get distracted by all of the pretty shiny objects.

    Make it powerful first, then make it flexible.

  4. drmop says:

    I think that by v0.5 the IwGame engine will be complete enough for its initial purpose. we are already starting to make changes to abstract Marmalade specifics out to facilitate easier porting for other platform developers. Eventually we will be left with pure IwGame code and an abstraction layer for each platform, making porting super easy for everyone as the only code that would need implementing is the hardware / SDK abstraction layer.

    Ideally we would like everyone to use Marmalade as the basis for the engine, but some platforms are not supported and we want to ensure that all developer have the opportunity to use the engine.

  5. Phillip says:

    I would let Marmalade care about the extension of their system to the other platforms. I’d just concentrate on making an incredibly powerful platform, even if it’s only hitting 98% of the possible market.

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