Marmalade SDK v6.0

I was pleased as punch this afternoon after I visited Marmalade’s web site. Why you may ask? Well, the simple answer is that they have updated their road map giving us a sneak preview of what’s to come this year. The main thing that I am happy about is the fact that the first release due in Q1 is entitled “Web Marmalade”. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that this is targeting the web as deployment platform, which is even more awesome than the $25 credit card sized Raspberry Pi! (Think that we are going to have to name this one Awesomade!).

Anyways, hers a short extract from Marmalade’s release page:

“Hybrid Applications, Enhanced Native UI and support for new platforms.”

Yummy, eh? Well what could these features mean?

  • Hybrid Applications – Could we be talking hybrid web / native applications? Does this mean some kind of integration with Google’s Native Client (NaCl) – Like the way Google used the chemical name for salt, makes it nice and memorable. or maybe Marmalade can target HTML 5 some how?
  • Enhanced native UI – I think that we can safely assume this will include support for many more native controls?
  • New Platforms – Ok, it’s obvious what this means, but which platforms? Would be fantastic to see support for Raspberry Pi and Windows Phone 7, although I think WP7 is a closed system so maybe not. What other platforms could we see Marmalade support?

Feel free to leave your own speculations as a comment.

12 thoughts on “Marmalade SDK v6.0

  1. Criss says:

    I would say: Samsung Smart TV

  2. Roman says:

    I afraid they just planning to mix HTML5 with Marmalade apps. HTML5 for easy layouting and so on. Something similar to that, what MoSync made.

    I would love to see flash as a target, or even HTML5. Marmalade’s partner, Stonetrip Shiva3D, announced flash support in Shiva 2.0 so maybe it will be possible to do it in Marmalade too.

  3. GameAmour says:

    I hope not HTML5, but NaCl is very welcome. I’d like to see better support for Bada 2.0 (EDK) rather than HTML5.

  4. troymc says:

    MoSync has something they call “wormhole” which lets you call C++ code from JavaScript in a WebView, and vice versa. Maybe that’s what they mean by “Web Marmalade”?

    Unity can target NaCl now, so I’d be surprised if Marmalade didn’t fairly soon.

  5. ir2pid says:


    dude Bada is a waste of time and effort, we made 2 games which recieved good comments n feedback(4.5 stars and a few hundred votes) , sales were pretty low unless we gave it for free.

    and even though we’ve earned more than 1200 bucks samsung hasn’t paid us a dime. They keep explaining some stupid logic about agent and commissionaire which is just an excuse to hold back our due earning

  6. drmop says:

    We too are having issues with payments from our Bada products. Whilst the sales statistics show that we have a few thousand dollars in sales, we have been paid only a few hundred. We are still weighing up whether or not to withdraw our support for Bada.

  7. Faizan Naqvi says:

    We asked about NaCL support on Marmalade forums and it looks like Marmalade was already in discussion with Google. So, I guess NaCL could be a reality soon. Also a web plugin system like Unity has could be a way Marmalade is looking at. It is strange that the roadmap doesn’t really provide much new info except the image.

    We haven’t tried Bada yet but it is scary to see that other developers have had bad experience with it.

  8. drmop says:

    Hope, so, can’t wait for a trusted way to deploy web apps.

    Samsung need to get their payments system in order because right now its incredibly confusing and almost impossible to consolidate sales figures and earnings without spending all week on it. I just gave up on trying.

  9. I’m thinking Windows Phone 7 is not likely at all. However, in Windows 8 (and probably Windows Phone 8), there is a big focus on native apps again. Lets hope Marmalade supports this too.

  10. ir2pid says:

    I have 2 apps in and have sales of 1664$ + 1440$ and have received aroung 150$ only.
    They have an intentionally flawed payment system.

    1. from my daily sales revenue and what actually shows at the end on a month samsung keeps more than 75% or more.

    2.They deduct further taxes on the 25% that’s left

    3.split the amount to commissionaire and agent where agent doesnt exceed 150$ for a long time while commissionaire gets ~90% the deposits,and 150$ is the base payment amount below which samsung wont send any money.

    4.your first payment of an incredible 150$ will take 6 to 8 months to arrive.expect to wait another 6 months for the next 150.

  11. drmop says:

    @Aranda: Apparently native C++ dev is coming to WP7 soon. They are also reducing the min specs for WP7 devices to allow production of cheaper handsets.

    @ir2pid: Your situation sounds incredibly similar to ours. We have brought the issue up with Samsung and if its not sorted out then we will be dropping support for Bada paid apps completely.

  12. GameAmour says:

    I think the key is to disable SMS payments for your apps, only allow credit cards for Bada. SMS payments have fees up to 80%, only creadit cards give 70/30 split.

    I agree, the payment system Samsung uses is horrible, we were thinking to move to F2P with ads, but now Samsung is forcing every developer using only their AdHub which has horrible fill rate and CPC…

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