Android and iOS Market share – Who’s ruling the roust!

I recently came across this great article on techcrunch and thought it a worth while mention to you budding game and app developers.

According to this article Android now has 41.8% of the US market (up a staggering 5.8% on last quarter), whilst Apple’s iOS has a very respectable 27% (up 1% on last quarter). RIM also has a very respectable 21.7% (4% drop) and Microsoft a 5.7% share (1% drop).

From these figures it looks like Android is stealing the share from RIM and Microsoft and probably a few other lesser known platforms that share the bottom 2% of the market. I’m quite surprised to see Microsoft losing ground already considering that their offering hasn’t not long since left the gates. Maybe the new Mango update and Nokia alliance will help fix that.

With the imminent launch of Amazon’s tablet the Kindle Fire, does Apple have a fight on their hands I wonder. I think its a distinct possibility as its priced at less than half the price ($199) and Amazon have a large existing user base. Will we see Apple lose shares to Android when the Kindle Fire hits mid November 2011.

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