Lets Bounce Endless Bouncing Facebook Instants Game

Lets Bounce Facebook Instants Game

Lets Bounce Facebook Instants Game

Finally released the revamp of Friend Falls, this game centres purely around multiplayer, no single player functionality is available. I’m trying to test if multiplayer only games fair better than single or mixture of single / multiplayer game play.

In this game you play a ball called Ball (yes imaginative I know) that is forever bouncing, your task is to navigate a vertical world fraught with danger. You are powered by ether, but each bounce or knock you take uses up ether. Additional ether can be collected as you progress through the world. Ether is dual purpose, it gives you more energy to bounce and you can use it to buy silly hats form the hat shop to spice your character up a bit.

There is no single player component so you have to invite someone else to play. The game has a back-end for transferring results and invites around between players, so you do not need to exit and re-run the game from a message to continue play.

The game also has a mini game editor in there which allows you to create your own levels and share them with friends. Once a player plays your custom level the level is sent back to you as a challenge so you get to suffer your own creations too, so be nice :).

Anyway, check it but if you do, don’t forget to play again tomorrow or you will my day 1 retention :).

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