ShinAnimals the Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod game lives!

And my latest creation is now live, ShinAnimals a fun Yorkshire themed arcade puzzle game made using AppEasy> (Powered under the hood by the Marmalade SDK) and the Goji Editor. You can download from Google Play at:

Word of warning, this game is highly addictive and will put you on the edge of your seat!

Animals ShinAnimals, no longer content with grazing and lounging around all day the animals at the Yorkshire farm are bored to tears and have demanded that the farmer provide them some fun. The farmer has decided to arrange some mild entertainment by constructing 40 puzzles for the animals to crack. Can you help the animals crack all 40 puzzles?

The aim of the game is to crack each puzzle by stacking piles of animals ever higher, the higher the stack the more points the animals score. To beat a puzzle the farm animals must beat the target score set by the farmer. Puzzles start out simple, but soon become difficult including swinging crates, springy bridges, unstable constructions, traps, footballs and more.

Features include:

  • Normal and hard (Yorkshire) game modes
  • 40 unique levels
  • Hi-score tables
  • Pickups, traps and other dangers
  • Cheat system to help pass difficult levels
  • FREE to play
  • Can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike
  • Yorkshire sound effects!

Made in Yorkshire by Yorkshire people, absolutely no Yorkshire animals were harmed during its making.

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