Goji Editor Game and App Editor is Born

Hey everyone, its been a long while since I posted anything to my blog that I would class as benefiting many developers. Well, that is about to change.

I posted some details about a game / app editor that I had started back in May 2013. Well, I decided that I was going the wrong way with that so I scrapped it and started again. Well, when I say started again I mean I created something else and decided to expand on it. I created a simple tool for AppEasy that allows the user to convert TexturePacker and SVG data (as exported from the likes of Inkscape) to the XML format that AppEasy could understand. The tool proved pretty useful for my own projects so I decided to expand on it and turn it into a full on game editor. Of course, once it became a game editor I wanted to expand on that further and turn it into a game editor that could also be used to create complete games and apps (essentially a complete integrated development system). Out of that was born the Goji Editor.

The Goji Editor can be used as a generic game / app layout editor and / or a complete development system. Here’s a quick shot of the editor in its current state:

Goji Game and App Editor screen shot

Goji Game and App Editor

And a quick list of its current feature set:

  • Export to many different game and app engine / programming language formats
  • Export in multi-resolution friendly format, allowing exported data to be used on any sized display
  • Assisted layout editing, including tools to enable easy layout and layout management
  • Full drag and drop support
  • Support for import of SVG, Texture Packer and other formats
  • Support for physics including. fixtures, joints and the ability to test physics
  • Definition of gaming logic and play using events and actions lists
  • Support for Lua / JavaScript and other language editing, includes syntax highlighting, code folding and search / replace
  • Interactive play mode that launches the game using the built in engine or other supported engines
  • Create complete working / compilable projects

And other features that are currently in the pipeline include:

  • Support for animation using time lines editor
  • Particle system editor
  • Geometry creation and editing
  • Export support for all major game engines
  • Intellisense / autocomplete for all supported API’s
  • Support for audio, video, in-app purchase, ads and many more additional services

I’m currently using the Goji Editor in the production of an Angry Birds style game that I’m working on. The project for this game will be released at the same time as the editor providing a working commercial game as an example.

Closed alpha testing will begin soon. If you want to take part then get in touch here

Interested in export support for your format? Get in touch here

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