Changes are Coming Soon

Very soon IwGame will be transformed into a new form known as the AppEasy Core SDK. AppEasy Core SDK is the new version of the IwGame Engine that has been tidied up and made portable, making it easily portable to other platforms. Initially AppEasy Core will support the Marmalade SDK as a target platform with support for the following platforms being added over the coming months:

  • Cocos2d-x
  • iOS native
  • Android native
  • Windows XP/7/8 native
  • Windows Phone 8 native
  • BlackBerry OS 10 native
  • HTML 5

Our aim is to bring XOML to as many platforms as possible, making mobile app and game development as easy as possible for everyone.

We will also be creating AppEasy players for all of the supported platforms to enable C++ free development for everyone.

To keep tabs on the progress of our project take a look over at

8 thoughts on “Changes are Coming Soon

  1. jorasso says:

    Very interesting news! HTML5 target is going to use only WebGL, or maybe canvas renderer also?

  2. drmop says:

    We are not quite sure which way to go on that front just yet. We may likely need to go the WebGL route for the full API, but may be able to produce a compact API just for canvas. We still have a fair bit of home work to do on this front.

  3. nbi says:

    Is it planning to support xcode ?

  4. Ellement says:

    Sounds Interesting, Will the IwGame Classes Changes with this Product Renaming?
    Should i wait for the changes before going futher with my actual project built with your awesome IwGame?

  5. drmop says:

    We do plan on supporting compiling via X-Code via Marmalade and iOS native.

    Yes, IwGame has been replaced with Cz. You may be better off waiting for the release as using AppEasy Core will be more portable. It would also save you mass renaming a complete project. Other changes include access to platform specifics. This is now all done via a group of macros. For example to draw a polygon primitive you would call PLATFORM_RENDER2D->DrawPrimitives(Prim, Material, 1, true);. Other changes include things like math system / lists etc have been completely replaced with a cross platform solution.

  6. gastel says:

    Hi DrMop,
    I’ve used IwGame (up to version 0.35) and, as I said some time ago, I think it’s great. Probably the greatest api/engine I’ve used in a long time. The problem I had was that while some parts were very well thought out (scene/actor system, xoml etc.) others were more “basic” (rendering, frame synchronization etc.). So I had to change a lot of code starting from the “original” IwGame until it became almost a different thing, unmergeable with the versions that came out later. Anyway using IwGame has been so “relaxing”, in some ways, that I’m thinking about using AppEasy for future projects, even pay for it if you decide so. My only concern is to find myself in the same situation again: having to change a lot of parts because they don’t suit my needs. My advice is to try to make almost everything overridable in AppEasy, even at its core. So, for example, someone may want to use the scripting and the ui system while taking care of the rendering themself. Or handling sound/textures/images in a different way or maybe support asynch loading or changing the way delta time is calculated to support variable frame rate cycles etc. Anyway AppEasy really has a lot of potential, I wish you the best of luck.

  7. SteveCastro says:

    I can’t seem to find where to submit bugs any more. I have a bug report for IwGame v0.400.

    In IwGameScene.cpp, CIwGameScene::ScreenToCamera(), it’s possible for the Mat2D identity to be changed which has screwy effects elsewhere. Here’s the problem:

    CIwFMat2D& cam_transform = CIwFMat2D::g_Identity;
    if (Camera != NULL)
    cam_transform = Camera->getTransform();

    Here’s the fix (remove the reference operator ampersand):
    CIwFMat2D cam_transform = CIwFMat2D::g_Identity;

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