AppEasy Version 1.4.1 is Now Available

AppEasy Version 1.4.1 is Now Available

AppEasy the cross platform mobile game and app development system for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows that is aimed at all levels of experience releases latest update

AppEasy version 1.4.1 is now available for download from here.

Please upgrade to the latest version. Note that before updating, close down your current version of AppEasy, rename c:\AppEasy to c:\AppEasy2, install and run AppEasy 1.4 then copy any changes / certificates from c:\AppEasy2 to c:\AppEasy. Note that if you install the update before renaming c:\AppEasy then simply exit the AppEasy project manager, rename the folder and run AppEasy again.

Changes include:

Project Manager

  • XML pool settings have been removed as there is now need for them now

Core Engine

  • Removed the need for setting up the XML pool system. AppEasy now pre-scans files to count the tags and attributes and allocates its own pools on a per file basis
  • VideoCam now has direction property which specifies which camera to use (front or rear)
  • actor.children() added that returns a list of child actors
  • If a File resources target Variable is an array and the files contents contains comma delimited data then the data is split at commas and added to the array
  • New SceneSwitch example added that shows how to switch between different scenes
  • BUG FIX: XML system was trashing small areas of memory

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