Yet another IwGame Engine UI Progress Update

Not had a great deal of spare time to spend on the UI this week but did manage to get a few cool things in there including:

  • Scrolling grids
  • Scrolling list boxes
  • Horizontal list boxes
  • 9-patch brushes
  • Child element sizing based on percentage of parent
  • Child clipping
  • Grid per column bindings
  • Dynamic resizing of elements, grids and list boxes will automatically re-layout child elements to make use of extra space
  • UI elements can allow touch events to bubble up to parent elements allowing them to also receive the same events
  • Tidied up the UI input system
  • 4 parameter skewing – See the wonky text on the large and small buttons for an example

Heres a quick screen shot showing the current UI demo:

More Advanced IwGame Engine UI Screen Shot

More Advanced IwGame Engine UI Screen Shot

Those frogs look happy to be sat in that list box like that 🙂

And here’s a new and better video showing the new UI

I hope to spend a few additional weeks on implementing more UI controls such as sliders and tab vies etc.. before we released 0.35.

2 thoughts on “Yet another IwGame Engine UI Progress Update

  1. Abscissa says:

    Is there any chance of this UI system eventually supporting Marmalade’s native UI support? (At least on the systems for which Marmalade supports this. I think it’s just iOS and Android right now.) That would be fantastic if it did.

  2. drmop says:

    Our original plan was to wrap IwUI and IwNUI up into XOML but we found that both of those systems were not as powerful or as versatile as we wanted, We also wanted a solution that worked across ALL platforms. However, Marmalade have more support for IwNUI coming in future updates. If this happens then we will add support for IwNUI to XOML

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