Game Engines Review

I came across a cool web sit the other day that shows many of the different game engine solutions for mobile platforms at The list itself is very comprehensive and includes information relating to the engines as well as reviews from actual engine users.

If you have a spare 5-10 mins please consider leaving a review for the IwGame Engine at

And possibly also a review for the Marmalade SDK at

A BIG thank you to anyone that gets the time to leave a review

9 thoughts on “Game Engines Review

  1. Jorasso says:

    After releasing current project I will leave a review for sure!

  2. drmop says:

    Thanks Jorasso, very much appreciated.

  3. Beny says:

    I’ll review as soon as I learn it. I just finished Tut 9 on Marmalade of yours, so long way ahead 🙂

  4. drmop says:

    Thank Beny, how are you finding the Marmalade SDK thus far? Are the tutorials of help?

  5. Beny says:

    “Of help?” MAN! They are awesome! Never thought I’d be able to learn reading tutorials of screen (I prefer video tutorials), but you write, so to-the-point that I never get bored reading, and want more. The only reason I didn’t go through all of them yet is I try to test the code I just learnt right away, and I study after work, so only evenings come into play. Thank you Matt for your tutorials – they are priceless! You should consider becoming a video tutor at digital tutors on marmalade and iwengine, or make you own video tutorial, as your teaching skills are really good.

  6. drmop says:

    Thanks, glad that the tutorials are proving useful. I’ve been looking at technologies to begin creating video tutorials alongside my usual tutorials, especially with regards to the IwGame Engine. I have an absolute mass of tutorials planned but unfortunately my time is being eaten by a project for a client at the moment so things are moving slowly. That said the custom IwGameUI is coming together quite quickly. Once the UI is at a point where we are happy to release 0.35 I plan on going flat out on tutorials and examples.

  7. Beny says:

    Excellent! Looking forward to that! Good luck!

  8. Alsenitd Rausseo says:

    Mat; i’ve just sent a review about the IwGame Engine. They shoud publish it soon. I’m also training one work partner to use it as he was beeing testing serveral other frameworks… so far he has liked it too

  9. drmop says:

    That’s awesome thanks. Hopefully next month I will have the time to produce a large bunch of examples and a few tutorials.

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