cOnnecticOns is now available on the Android Market!

Hey everyone, some good news. We finally got the first version of the first IwGame Engine game  cOnnecticOns up on the Android Market at Playbook, Bada and iOS builds will be available within the next few weeks.

And the even better news is that we are on schedule for releasing the full source this weekend! We’ve had a bit of a delay because we decided to upgrade the game a bit. We added an extra zone with 10 additional levels, as well as a game editor to allow players to create and play up to 20 of their own levels. Oh, and players can also post their scores to Facebook using the new CIwGameFacebook class (coming in the next IwGame engine update 0.31 this weekend)

cOnnecticOns for Android, iPhone, Bada and Blackberry
cOnnecticOns for Android, iPhone, Bada and Blackberry

The next update of the game will feature sharing levels between users using a web service, for which we will release the full source code, including the server side scripts.

The update after that will feature in-app purchase content using new classes that e are developing for the IwGame engine.

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