Warning: Up and Coming IwGame Changes

Just a quick message to say that if you are a mobile developer that has just started using IwGame then please refrain from starting any major developments with the engine for the next few days. IwGame has undergone some major changes which will require many changes to the documentation. Some of the changes include:

  • The animation system will be completely redone
  • Animation frame data manager will be removed
  • Support will be added for local and global resources
  • Marmalade resource groups will now be managed by the scene or global resource manager
  • Most classes will be able to be defined and ¬†instantiated from XOML (an XML based language similar to Microsoft XAML and Flash MXML)

These changes are necessary if we are to keep the development of IwGame on track.

The idea is to create a single extensible API that works across all platforms that is driven by a manually created human readable mark-up language or exported from a future game editor.

4 thoughts on “Warning: Up and Coming IwGame Changes

  1. This sounds good. Very good :). I was about to grab the latest version but perhaps I’ll wait now.

    The reason I wanted the latest version was to test whether an error I have still exists. As soon as I add the IwGame subproject to my MKB, I get “error loading extension: s3eThread” before main() even starts. The IwGame test bed runs fine so I’m a little baffled about this.

  2. drmop says:

    Strange error, not sure what’s going wrong there, if the next release does not fix it then feel free to send us a test project to take a quick look at.

  3. Never mind – I found out what was causing it. The ThreadEnabled property in Development.icf was for some reason set to false!

  4. yzigames says:

    That’s great. I hope soon I’ll be able to make some great cross-platform games with your engine!

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