Android Sales / Downloads Figures Update for Funky Cam 3D (December 2011)

I’ve decided that I’m going to start running monthly updates on our sales / downloads figures for one of our Android product Funky Cam 3D.

Here are our latest download totals as of 11th December 2011 per Android App Store:

  1. Appia –  240140 downloads
  2. SlideMe – 34342 downloads
  3. Android Market – 21926 downloads
  4. Mobango – 5931 downloads
  5. AndroidFreeware – 5492 downloads
  6. Mobiles24 – 2178 downloads
  7. GetJar – 2015 downloads (picking up some good traction now)
  8. AndroidPit – 767 downloads
  9. Mikandi – 371 downloads
  10. Handster – 184 downloads
  11. Amazon App Store – 170 downloads
  12. Mobireach – 69 downloads
  13. Fasmicro – 48 downloads
  14. Appoke – 33 downloads
  15. mall – 25 downloads
  16. CNET – 6 downloads

Here are our previous download figures from 6th November 2011:

  1. Appia –  148390 downloads
  2. SlideMe – 20286 downloads
  3. Android Market – 15276 downloads
  4. Mobango – 5393 downloads
  5. AndroidFreeware – 3616 downloads
  6. 1Mobile – Removed as 1Mobile no longer show download stats
  7. Mobiles24 – 1975 downloads
  8. GetJar – 724 downloads (in contrast one of our very old J2ME mobile game DEMOS  has been downloaded 3.759 times in the same period, making GetJar very much still a Java ME app store)
  9. AndroidPit – 549 downloads
  10. Mikandi – 312 downloads
  11. Amazon App Store – 170 downloads
  12. Handster – 126 downloads
  13. Fasmicro – 38 downloads
  14. Mobireach – 17 downloads
  15. Appoke – 14 downloads
  16. mall – 8 downloads
  17. CNET – 1 download

I think its safe to say that there are only 3 stores that matter, which include Appia, SlideMe and Android Market.

If you don’t know who Appia are then they are a content aggregator that aggregates content to stores like Handango and Pocketergear,

It is a little sad to see that the official “Android App Store” is actually the 3rd best performing market on the list. I think Google need to pull their socks up. if they had any sense they would go the way of Appia and aggregate the content, they are sat on top of a potential gold mine.

Its also a little sad to see how awful GetJar are performing, although they do seem to be picking up some traction with our downloads tripling since last month.

And well the Amazon app store, they are probably the biggest disappointment of 2011 for Android. Discover-ability is the worst of all app stores we have our products on, we had to drill down a number of categories and hundreds of other apps just to find our “New” apps. Marketing support is none existent, despite contacting them on numerous occasions for free app of the day feature / promotions we were  simply been ignored. Amazon need to figure what the word “support” means in the phrase “developer support”. We are going to leave our products on Amazon for a while longer to see how the new Kindle Fire performs, if things don’t pick up then we will remove our products and withdraw support for Amazon.

4 thoughts on “Android Sales / Downloads Figures Update for Funky Cam 3D (December 2011)

  1. Neil says:

    Thanks again for the stats.

    My Appia figures are a tiny fraction of yours, despite launching a short time after Funky Cam.

    I’d guess that your app has been featured somewhere in the Appia network. Both Funky Cam and my app launched on SlideMe at about the same time, both got featured and my SlideMe stats are nearly identical to yours.

    Are you selling Funky Cam on the Appia network?

    I had a user ask me to put my app on the Kindle Fire today. I pointed them to SlideMe. With all the bad news around Amazon, I’m not going near it.

    By the way, your app is working on my Galaxy Tab now.

  2. drmop says:

    Hi Neil,

    We’ve performed a fair few updates to Funky Cam 3D on Appia , so I would imagine that around half of those downloads can be accounted for as updates. We don’t actually track where our apps get featured as we don’t really have the time to track it down across so many stores. Great to hear that both our apps got featured on Slideme, thanks for letting me know.

    We do have a paid version of Funky Cam 3D on Appia, but sales are very few (less than 100 last we checked). People just don’t want to pay for apps on Android, its such an odd situation. Our Bada sales are around 1000% higher than our Android sales

    Great to hear that Funky Cam is now working on your Galaxy tab 🙂


  3. Dan says:

    Hey Mat,

    What are your thought on discovery platforms like openfeint, and HeyZap.

    Did you ever thought about integrating them on IWGameEngine?

  4. drmop says:

    Hi Dan,

    I’ve seen OpenFeint and its a great idea (hot seen HeyZap but will take a look). OpenFeint is quite UI heavy so integrating something like that could be difficult (that’s if they provide a REST API). You would probably have to go by way of EDK extension to integrate something as bulky as that. I see that there is actually an EDK extension for OpenFeint at, I may have a crack at adding that to IwGame at some point.

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