Marmalade SDK 5.2 has Arrived

Well, I’m very pleased to announce that the eagerly awaited version 5.2 update to the Marmalade SDK is finally here. Some great new features have made it into the build including:

Native UI (IwNUI)

Native UI is a cross-platform UI framework that utilizes native controls. This allows developers to create user interfaces with native look and feel using a simple cross platform framework. Currently Marmalade supports Native UI on iOS and Android platforms, with IwUI used as a backend for all other platforms.

What does this mean for us cross platform phone and tablet developers? I can tell you, it means a great deal. This single addition to the SDK makes Marmalade a very viable application development platform for regular app style projects using the phones / tablets own native UI look and feel.

Bada 2 support

Support for Samsung’s bada platform is extended with this release; Marmalade can now target bada 2.0 devices.

We get a new platform, woohoo, the is the main reason why I love Marmalade so much!

iOS 5 EDK Support

iOS support has been extended to support building extensions with iOS 5.0 SDK. Extensions can now include features from iOS 5.0.

So we get access to new iOS 5.0 features via the EDK, which is great. iOS 5.0 has over 200 new features, such as the new notifications centre, iMessage, Reminders and iCloud,

Xcode Plugin Upgraded to Support Version 4.2

The Mac OS X SDK now supports Xcode 4.2 and the compiler and editor changes that were introduced with the iOS 5.0 SDK. Support for Xcode 3.x has been officially dropped. Please upgrade to the latest version. If required, Xcode 4 can be installed in parallel to any existing 3.x installation by specifying a different install location and using the xcode-select command line tool.

iOS Remote/Push Notification Support

Added full support for remote/push notifications in s3eIOSNotifications, including support for embedding provisioning profiles in development builds.

EDK Support on OS X

Extensions are now supported for Mac OS X deployments.

WebView Enhancements

s3eWebView now supports transparency and local file access.

Also included are many bug fixes and other minor enhancements and changes, too numerous to mention in fact. The full list is available in the re,lease notes on Marmalade’s web site

4 thoughts on “Marmalade SDK 5.2 has Arrived

  1. pugmartin says:

    UI stuff sounds very interesting.

    Will you be covering it at some point?

  2. drmop says:

    I’ve taken a quick look at IwNUI and it looks straightforward enough. I hope to get a blog done covering it this week. I also plan on integrating it into IwGame using an XML layout style language

  3. pugmartin says:

    Sounds good, looking forward to it!

  4. Dan says:

    Guess it’s time to finally get that upgrade, my license expires next month, i was waiting for 5.2 release.

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