Marmalade SDK News – Marmalade SDK 5.1.9 now available for download

A new minor update of the Marmalade SDK has been released. Here are the changes:

  • IwGx: Added [GX] DisableFBOSurface icf option to allow disabling this functionality on devices which do not or poorly support FBO surfaces.
  • Android: Fix s3eKeyboardSetInt(S3E_KEYBOARD_GET_CHAR) having incorrect behaviour after user closes soft-keyboard with back key.
  • Android: Fix for s3eWebView extension crashing in certain circumstances.

Jusr a few fixes really. The most exiting thing about this release is the version number 5.1.9, that’s the version prior to the big 5.2 update that many of us Marmaladians are eagerly awaiting 🙂

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